CNIO Arte 2018: Artistic work of Eva Lootz

The first edition of CNIO Arte (2018), curated by Mireia Puigventós, has brought together visual artist Eva Lootz, National Prize for Plastic Arts (1994) and Margarita Salas, famous precursor of molecular biology in Spain and National Research Prize Santiago Ramón and Cajal (1999).

For CNIO Arte 2018, Lootz made a series of drawings conceived as thoughts or ‘enlightenments’ that reflect on the main research lines of Margarita Salas. The benefits from the sale of the entire artistic work of Eva Lootz go entirely to our philanthropic initiative ‘CNIO Friends’ for cancer research.

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Eva Lootz, ‘59+1’, 2017
Mixed media: markers, colour wax and tipp-ex
Measures: series of 59 drawings (35 de 21 × 29,7 cm y 24 de 29,7 × 42 cm) on graph paper. The drawings can be placed on the wall in different ways and adapted to different areas, contact us for more details.
Price: 30.000 € + VAT
The installation is delivered in a custom box signed by the artist.

Exposición de Eva Lootz

Dibujo de Eva Lootz